How to Attend

Boston Sex Club parties are the only "pure sex" parties in the Boston area. No pressure. No large, impersonal crowds. Everyone who attends Boston Sex Club is carefully chosen and  briefly met in person before being allowed in.

  • There is no "approval by secret committee"
  • The hosts are not looking to fuck the guests (this is typical at many places)
  • No masks or costumes are required (that's best left to Hollywood- but kinky outfits, blindfolds, restraints, and masks are certainly welcomed)
  • No drugs, hard drinking, smoking, underage, or sex-for-sale
  • No bouncers (seriously, WTF?)

All couples and single women wishing to attend our parties must send a written description (50 words minimum) and dated verification photo like to the one below to:

Complete inquiries will be contacted with further info and instructions!