General Info

Welcome to the best invitation-only sex party in New England! The majority of attendees are age 21-39, making Boston Sex Club by far the youngest group in the area. Couples and single women over 39 who have something to add to the party may be invited, especially if you are the sparkplug that may start off that party.

Boston Sex Club is not a traditional swingers party. This means you are absolutely not expected to swap partners or get physical anyone. We welcome couples and single women with little or no experience in a group sex environment.

Our motto is watch and be watched! Voyeurism and exhibitionism is big at our parties! There is plenty of action to watch and this very often leads to hooking and swapping among guests, but there is never any pressure to disrobe or interact with others.

We usually have 1 to 3 single men in attendance, and they often play an important role, but single men NEVER outnumber single women!

Boston Sex Club is where cool people go to avoid the pressure of swingers parties and less  than discreet venues such as open door clubs  and "meet and greets".

Typical swingers parties and clubs

Average age: 50, mostly married

Typical location: Private home or apartment

Typical attendance: 50 to 300 people

Screening: Little or none

Theme: Full swap

Boston Sex Club

Average age: 21 to 39

Typical location: Luxury hotel suite or condo

Typical attendance: 12 to 25 people

Screening: Everyone is interviewed on the phone and briefly met in person before being allowed in.

Themes: Soft swap more than full swap, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and the occasional ROMAN ORGY!