Sex Party Saturday November 22nd and December 6th

Fall fucking season has begun! Please drop us an email if you can attend on Saturday night. We have some great solo females and f/f couples asking to attend. Be sure to tell your friends, and as always, we roll out the red carpet for single women!


We fuck like Tasmanian Devils all night long. Boston Sex Club only invites cool people who will add something to our parties, not people looking to get something from our parties. Not everyone is invited! Everyone is  met in person before being allowed to attend!

Boston Sex Club is BDSM friendly!

We have had a handful of dom/sub couples and fetish enthusiasts in our time, and we always welcome more! Dominant and submissive females are more than welcome to attend our parties. Bisexual, lesbian, leather, d&s, bondage, spanking, gangbang, threesome, you name it, we like it!

Boston Sex Club - It's 5am, do you know where your daughters are??


Join Boston Sex Club Social Network

Couples and single women can click here to register for a free profile. Please note: single males must pay $50 for a solo male profile.

If you have emailed a proper verification photo and requested a username and password, your account will be set up within a few days. We will email you your username and password directly.

Boston Sex Club Party Swingers Solo Female Ladies

Please read this website fully. Couples and singles should visit the General Info page. Single women click here and single men click here.

Boston Sex Club

Attention: Single Males

Your chances of attending a party as a single male are very small. So, our advice is to find a girlfriend or female who is willing (and interested) in attending a party. Effective immediately, single men must pay $50 for a social networking profile on the Boston Sex Club website. Click here for more info.



Boston Sex Club opens a unicorn ranch!

Single females who attend swingers parties and sex parties are sometimes referred to as unicorns. That’s because they’re so rare they might as well not exist. This is not the case with Boston Sex Club! Single females attend our events on a regular basis and are treated with respect.

Boston Sex Club Unicorn Ranch

A fair number of solo women attend Boston Sex Club because of our excellent atmosphere and careful selection process. Single women rarely feel comfortable attending parties that allow anyone with $10 and a heartbeat to attend. It  takes a lot more than $10 and a heartbeat to attend our events! We even put solo females in touch with other solo females who have attended already, so they can chat and show up at the same time.

March 22nd: “The night of new friends and hot lezbo action!”

We couldn’t have asked for a better group last night. Plenty of new friends were made and boundaries were explored. It’s official: Boston Sex Club parties are back with a vengeance!

For everyone who attended last night- we regret not having a larger space but it’s not always easy to predict how many people will show up. Also, many of you have sent your verification photos, but have not yet registered for your online profile. Please sign up because having a profile will allow you to “friend” other members and send them private messages, in addition to maintaining a personal profile for other members to remember you by.

Boudoir Noir Photography Boston, MA

Amanda was wrapping up a kinky photo shoot around 10pm when guests were beginning to arrive! Photos courtesy: boudoirnoir

The sex scene (or lack thereof) in Boston

The sex scene in Boston is substandard at best. Unlike other major cities, everything sex related in Boston is small, cheap, and well… pitiful. The strip clubs are dismal, the dating scene is awful, the bdsm scene consists of little more than “dress up night” at a few local nightclubs, and the swingers parties are mostly just freak shows and old folks homes.

With the exception of Boston Sex Club there is a total lack of organized, well-executed sex parties. Look below, there is even a fake Boston swingers club set up by the swingers social network to drive people to their site!

Boston Swingers Club - Boston Sex Club Swingers Party

History of Boston Sex Club

Boston Sex Club held it’s first party in February, 2009 and was founded as an alternative to standard “swingers parties”. Until Boston Sex Club came along, younger couples and single females had no real alternatives to old-fashioned “full swap” swingers parties. Finally there is a pure sex club with younger couples and an emphasis on having fun, watching others, and “soft swap” instead of “full swap”.


Boston Sex Club have held some amazing parties and met some great people along the way. Some of the major differences between Boston Sex Club and most swingers clubs or parties is summarized below:

Typical swingers parties and clubs

Average age: 50, mostly married

Typical location: Private home or apartment

Typical attendance: 50 to 300 people

Screening: Little or none. Anyone with $10 and a heartbeat can enter.

Theme: Full swap

Boston Sex Club

Average age: 18 to 40, mostly dating couples and singles

Typical location: Luxury hotel suite

Typical attendance: 15 to 30 people

Screening: Everyone is interviewed on the phone and met in person before being allowed to join.

Theme: Soft swap, bdsm, voyeurism, exhibitionism, “watch and be watched”, full swap