Welcome new friends! Boston Sex Club is a full-featured social network. You can make friends, send private messages, and upload photos to your album. Boston Sex Club is not a traditional "Swingers Club". We host open-format private parties for members in Boston and the surrounding area.

Last updated May 21st, 2017 --- Follow and retweet Boston Sex Club on Twitter!!!


1. To sign up for a profile, just email the following:

  • A dated verification photo like the one below
  • Your desired username (a-z 0-9 only, cannot be changed)
  • Your username works the same as Twitter's @username
  • Written description 50 words minimum (can be changed later)

2. Profiles for single women are free. Couples profile cost is $50 for 2 years. Single male profile cost is $100 for one year.

3. Complete emails with an introduction, verification photo, username, and 50 word profile description may be sent to: bostonsexclub@gmail.com

4. We will reply to you with payment options and further instructions. Only complete profile applications will get a response. The photo below is a perfect example of an acceptable verification photo to send us!