NEXT PARTIES Sept. 5th and 12th

The parties on August 22nd and 29th were the start of a whole new era at Boston Sex Club! Plenty of gorgeous couples and singles showed up and the action was great to watch. Limits were explored, new friends were made, and as usual there were many erotic "firsts" among and between the guests.

We are more actively promoting the social network and parties in anticipation of the fall fucking season. Our standards continue to rise and so far the new couples and singles are meeting them. If you missed out on these two parties, you have nobody to blame but yourself! It's time for you to leave the sidelines and get in the game!

Boston Sex Club Party Swingers

As stated elsewhere, profiles without at least two album photos may be suspended or deleted without warning. If you can't upload photos please try another browser. If all else fails, email us!

Attention Single Men: Until we come up with another payment method, only BITCOIN and CASH are accepted for the $50 profile fee.

A few more new single women and new sexy couples will give the upcoming fall parties the necessary boost. New members are joining the social network every day.

Boston Sex Party

PLEASE NOTE: Single females can attend Saturday afternoon and Friday night parties if that works better for them. Just get in touch and we can let you know about options beyond the Saturday late-night parties.

Important Profile Info!

Beginning June 1st, all profiles must have at least 50 words in the description and must have at least two album photos and an avatar photo. Profiles who do not comply will be suspended or deleted. The social network should be about quality, not quantity. Boston Sex Club does not want incomplete profiles!!!

Boston Sex Club Social Network

The Boston Sex Club social network was re-opened December 1st, 2014. The old network had over 500 quality profiles and was full of sexually active couples and women. We are looking to add 50 verified profiles per month. Please read below before you register for a profile.

1. Everyone must email a dated verification photo *before registering* (click here for Photo Verification info).

2. Profiles are free for single women and couples. Single men must pay $50 for a profile (click here for more info).

3. The photo below is a perfect example of an acceptable verification photo to email to Boston Sex Club (before you register)!


The sex scene (or lack thereof) in Boston

If you have anything good, bad, or ugly to say about sex and the sex scene in general in Boston and New England, please comment by posting an update in the Activity Stream.

The sex scene in Boston is substandard at best. Unlike other major cities, everything sex related in Boston is small, cheap, and well... pitiful. The strip clubs are dismal, the dating scene is awful, and the bdsm scene consists of little more than "dress up night" at a few local nightclubs.

Boston area "swingers parties" are often full of men or the average age is around 50. Other swingers parties are either very large (over 100 people) or "full swap". Boston Sex Club is the only regular event based on soft swap, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. Plenty of couples and singles hook up at our awesome events, but swapping partners is not expected!

With the exception of Boston Sex Club there is an absence of organized, well-executed sex parties. Look below, there is even a fake Boston swingers club set up by the swingers social network to drive traffic to their site!

Boston Swingers Club - Boston Sex Club Swingers Party

Erotic Couples Photography

Boston Sex Club highly recommends @boudoirnoir for your private, erotic couples photography needs. Many couples who attend our parties are interested in private photo sets for their own personal use. Boudoirnoir offers reasonable rates, privacy, and high quality images. Ask your lady what she thinks about erotic photography and you may find out she is even more interested than you!

Member profile: @boudoirnoir



Let's have sex like it's 2012

Some parties lately have not been up to our high standards. Generally some nice action, but ending early (3am) or just not enough action for a "second wind" of late-night fucking. Very few parties in 2012 ended before 4am or 5am. Many actually went later than that!


If several couples aren't still fucking and sucking around 4am then something is wrong. Submissive girls and female exhibitionists (you know who you are... sluts) tend to keep the flame burning later. If you attended any parties in 2012, Boston Sex Club would like to hear from you!


Boston Sex Club Has The Best Guests

Let's not be shy. Boston Sex Club guests tend to fuck and suck like Tasmanian Devils all night long! We especially like girls who like it rough. Click for larger images.

Rough  Rough

Boston Sex Club opens a unicorn ranch!

Single females who attend swingers parties and sex parties are sometimes referred to as unicorns. That's because they're so rare they might as well not exist. This is not the case with Boston Sex Club! Single females attend our events on a regular basis and are treated with respect.

Boston Sex Club Unicorn Ranch

A fair number of solo women attend Boston Sex Club because of our excellent atmosphere and careful selection process. Single women rarely feel comfortable attending parties that allow anyone with $10 and a heartbeat to attend. It  takes a lot more than $10 and a heartbeat to attend our events! We even put solo females in touch with other solo females who have attended already, so they can chat and show up at the same time.

Boston Sex Club is BDSM friendly!

We have had a handful of dom/sub couples and fetish enthusiasts in our time, and we always welcome more! Dominant and submissive females are more than welcome to attend our parties. Bisexual, lesbian, leather, d&s, bondage, spanking, gangbang, threesome, you name it, we like it!

Boston Sex Club - It's 5am, do you know where your daughters are??


Attention: Single Males

Your chances of attending a party as a single male are very small. So, our advice is to find a girlfriend or female who is willing (and interested) in attending a party. Effective immediately, single men must pay $50 for a social networking profile on the Boston Sex Club website. Click here for more info.